How To Restore Disk Image MAC

At first, you should know about disk image, The disk image is a file which is mostly used by the Mac operating system. It enables you to protect your Mac data as the form in image that could keep a backup of collection of files or disk. It is also easy to transfer or share that users access like other disk. However, sometimes, you can erase it or replace with other disk image contents that can cause data loss. And in such condition it is necessary for the users to restore disk image Mac in order to prevent data loss issues.

One can easily restore restore disk image Mac by using disk utility which is an inbuilt tool of Mac in order to retrieve or recover the any types of files whether files are corrupted or damaged. Some steps are given as follows:


  • Firstly you should open the Disk Utility, in Utilities folder in launchpad.
  • Now choose a disk and click to restore.
  • Drag the specific disk image on the source field.
  • Select the disk which will hold the content of the disk image to destination path.
  • For erasing the disk before use it- go to start up a computer and choose “Erase destination.”
  • And now, finally click the “Restore” button.

However, sometimes disk utility doesn't work properly, and users have to face the problem. So, if you are one of those who still facing the issue and unable to restore disk image Mac then as per the expert recommendations you should quickly go for Mac data recovery software which is very reliable and advance tool in order to fix all types of Mac corruption issues. It is very easy to use, that once installed on computer automatically resolve the problem by scanning & detecting the error.