Getting Mac OS X Server "Error -43" When Using Windows File Sharing

Are you getting error code 43 when you are using windows file sharing, if the answer of this question is yes, then you are in exact place because here you will get the all information about Mac error code 43. The Mac operating system is very successful OS and running in the market successfully, but all OS has some drawbacks. When you will try to share the file from windows to the Mac OS then you will get an error message "The operation cannot be completed because one or more required items cannot be found. (Error code = -43)."

Causes of Mac error code 43

The Mac operating system allows some certain characters in file names where as Microsoft windows does not allow those characters in file names, so if any file name includes those characters then the file will not copy and generate the error message with error code 43. these characters are question marks, left and right brackets, forward slash, reverse solidus (or "backslash"), equals sign, plus sign, left and right angle brackets, semicolon, colon, quotation mark, comma, pipe, and asterisk (? [ ] / \ = + < > ; : " , | *).


Help to solve this issue

When you will receive this error then you may lose your Mac data and the file that are not be copied may be damaged, so this is very critical issue that you will have to solve carefully. Sometimes this type of issue can damage your Mac operating system, and then you have to reinstall the Mac OS by which all the stored data on the Mac hard drive may be deleted but you can recover the deleted, damage and corrupted data from Mac operating system based computer by using the Mac data recovery software. In the Mac data recovery software all the feature that helps you to retrieve deleted and damage data is available with easy user interface.