Process to fix error code -1407 Mac OS X 10.6.7

When you will try to delete any files or other data or move that into trash then you will get Mac error code -1407. “The operation could not be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -1407).” error message you will receive in the message box that is given in the figure.

If you are facing the above message box during delete any files in Mac computer then you should be fix it as soon as possible, and also very necessary to fix. Sometimes you will have to format the hard disk to overcome the Mac error code -1407 and you can lost all data that are present on the hard drive. Generally this error may be caused by the locked program files and folders or encrypted files.


How to fix Mac error -1407

The Mac operating system allows some certain characters in file names where as Microsoft windows does not allow those characters in file names, so if any file name includes those characters then the file will not copy and generate the error message with error code 43. these characters are question marks, left and right brackets, forward slash, reverse solidus (or "backslash"), equals sign, plus sign, left and right angle brackets, semicolon, colon, quotation mark, comma, pipe, and asterisk (? [ ] / \ = + < > ; : " , | *).

Help to solve this issue

You have to unlock the files to delete, so first select the file that you want to delete and then go to file menu and choose Get Info option. Now you have to unchecked the locked box and then click on OK to apply the setting. Now try to delete, you will not receive error message again. You can also use the commands to fix the same issue. To do this go to applications and open the terminal from utilities. Here type sudo chflags –R nouchg and drag the file into the terminal window that you want to delete and then press return key. The file will delete by showing any error message.