Getting error code 0 when trying to copy large files in Mac

If you are getting the error message “The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code 0).” during copy the large files into the external devises in Mac based computer or laptop, then you can easily fix this issue by the manual process that is given here. Basically all the external devices like memory cards, pen drives, external hard disks, etc are formatted through the FAT or FAT32 file system that has supported by the Windows operating system based computer that is why you are getting this error message. These file systems are only be read not be written by the Mac computers or any non windows computers.


The FAT32 file system supports 4 GB maximum file size to copy in Mac operating system based PC, if you choose more than 4 GB file size then it will not be copied into the drive, so it is important to choose less than 4 GB size of file. You have an other option, format the external device in which you want to copy by using the HFS+ file system that has supported by the Mac computers. But it will delete the all available data in pen drive. You can backup all the data in different computer that is not Mac based and then format it. If it is not possible then format the external drive using Mac supported file system.


Now recover the data by using any third party tool like Mac data recovery software. It helps to recover all types of data easily because it supports all data formats to recover, this is the main feature of this tool and it has also a easy user interface that helps the user to start the recovery process. So easily download it through the internet and install in Mac computer. It shows you the all lists of data recovery through which you can choose only the important data to save the time.