Error message with error code -50 appears when copy files from a remote disk

If you are logged in Mac operating system based PC as a root user and trying to copy files from a remote disk to the Mac OS hard drive, then you may receive the “Sorry, the operation could not be completed because an unexpected error occurred (Error code -50).” error message in a message alert box. This error message occurs due to root user, because the root user has not permission to copy files from a remote disk.


Solution of Mac error code 50

Here is a solution or option through which you can copy files from remote disk to the Mac local disk easily without getting any type of error. In this option you have to use the copy command in the terminal. To copy from terminal you have to be careful because if any same name folder is available in the destination folder then it will be overwritten automatically without any message or notification.


  • To complete this operation open terminal window that is available in the applications and utilities.
  • When the terminal window will appears on the screen then type “cp -R ”. You have must type a space after R.
  • Now you will have to drag the folder into the terminal window that you want to copy (it automatically type the folder path).
  • After that drag the destination folder in the terminal window where you want to paste your files.
  • Finally press return and then quit from the terminal window.

This process copy all the files that you want and paste on the location without any error. Some times Mac due to Mac error code -50 the files automatically damage from the system or overwritten if the name of the file is same, then you can use Mac data recovery tool to recover those files. The Mac data recovery software provides amazing features that helps you to recover all types of files and it support all file format recovery.