Mac OS error -8058, unable to eject a disc when trying to copy

If you are getting an error message when you are trying to copy a disk into Mac operating system based PC and the disc is not ejecting when you are trying to eject it. “The operation can't be completed, An unexpected error occurred error code -8058” error message shows on the computer screen after facing this situation. Due to Mac error code -8058, you can loss your data. The following error message box you will see when you will try to eject the disc while copying.


Causes of Mac error code -8058

This is an unexpected error that occurs due to missing of boot files on the disc and it Mac error code -8058 also occurs when the disc from which you are copying the files may be damage or corrupted. Sometimes this problem occurs through the Mac OS internal error like infection of virus, unwanted programs, Trojans, etc. These programs slow the operation of the PC and when you copy the file then the system may be not responding, that's the reason the disc can't be eject in this case.


Resolution of Mac error code -8058

If the eject command is not working then try to eject from the key that is available in the disc drive, it forces the disc to eject. If it doesn't working then you will have to restart the computer to eject the disc. This is the best and single option to overcome this issue, but this is very risky situation for data because forcely restarting the computer may be the reason of data loss, so when the computer start then repair the Mac OS to not face the Mac error code -8058 again.

If you have lost the data due to this error then use Mac data recovery software that helps you to recover the deleted, damage, encrypted and corrupted data. The all feature that are related with data recovery, available in it. The Mac data recovery tool support all types of data and provide the choice option during recovery.