How to resolve Time Machine Error Sparsebundle ?

Mac systems include the feature of time machine with which users can easily backup & safe keep their data & files for future by returning back to previous state. This, is so far useful in safe keep of data files, however it is equally important to note that there may be cases in which time machine would fail to backup your data with the interruption of the process in between showing one or more error message.

Time Machine Error Sparsebundle is one of the those issue which is known to strike during the process of time machine backup. The error is mostly found to occur post Mac OS X upgrade to Lion or likewise succeeding version, particularly if the same or say previous sparsbundle is being used.


Sparsbundle, is one of the new concept introduced from Mac OS X 10.5 version as per which instead of using a monolithic file, sparse bundle or say a directory where the disk image is saved as banded data files. Changes in disk image results into change in one or more of the band used helping the backup application perform efficiently. However, issues with the same makes entire data backup inaccessible or renders it unusable, this is when you will need to look for other other skilled technique for having your data recovered.

Make sure that the sparsbundle used earlier has been removed and you can then continue with the time machine backup. But, for cases the issue repeats itself in each backup attempt you would need to opt for Mac data recovery software to have the lost files from Mac OS X hard drive retrieved with ease & efficiency.

Mac data recovery software assures for safe & complete restore of lost, deleted, missing & inaccessible files in all cases . So, if you are experiencing Time Machine Error Sparsebundle, get it resolved & safely retrieve your items now.